Years back, we began to realize how the world we live in was affecting our lives and more importantly our health. It was time to start the process of getting away from GMO foods and as much as we can - chemicals. It occurred to us; that if we wanted our families lives to be full, healthy, protected, & complementary to the way God intended for it to be… we were going to have to take a newer, more involved approach for how things turn out in our day-to-day existence.

Self sufficiency (although not 100% yet) has not only made us healthier, but given us a sense of fulfillment & peace. The idea of eating from our land, hunting our own meat & making our own natural products; has made a profound improvement in our daily lives. We continue to step further and further away from having to depend on the local grocery store and our government. Love making our own way. Love trying to figuring it out. To us it is such a beautiful opportunity for growth.

It is certainly a process! One of which we are so incredibly thankful to be a part of. We can not always be responsible for what happened yesterday, but you can bet that we will be responsible for what happens today & every day after. So - we trust the process, while continuing to push forward in this incredible gift of life.